During operation, the topsides of a vessel are subject to very strong exposure conditions, from severe weather and strong sunlight to mechanical impacts and chemical spillages.

Globalnavy aims to ensure excellent paint systems and minimal maintenance on the topsides, developing state-of-art technology that protects surfaces from abrasion, corrosion and degradation due to weather conditions.

Why choose a Globalnavy coating?

Globalnavy offers a wide range of high performance coatings, GlobalDur GN101, which offer excellent corrosion protection: our coatings are designed to be tolerant, converser, inhibitor and solvent-free properties, minimizing maintenance costs; GlobalThane GN206 polyurethane finish that offers an advanced weathering and robust performance, that maintains the good aesthetic appearance of the vessel for a long time.

Recommended System

GlobalDur HASTIE_EXT (GN101LC + GN206PF)

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