Underwater Application

Immersed steel and concrete structures can be subjected to extreme conditions as well as strong mechanical impacts, and therefore require high mechanical and/or anticorrosive protection coating systems performance.

Globalnavy develop and manufacture a range of high performance coatings for underwater steel and concrete applications.


Underwater Products

Why choose a Globalnavy coating?

Our coatings for underwater applications, GlobalDur GN133UE has good anticorrosion protection: it’s designed to be tolerant, converser, inhibitor and solvent-free. Easy to apply, it can be used on steel, concrete and wood. Our GlobalDur GN136UE epoxy mastic can fill cracks between coats.

The GlobalDur GN134UE injection product allows structural and mechanical reinforcement in the most immerse cases.

Recommended System

GlobalDur UE (GN133UE + GN136UE)

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On how to select the right anti-corrosive coating system for your case.