CodeNameDescriptionData Sheet
GN001THGlobalThin GN001THAromatic thinner
GN002HTGlobalTemp GN002 High TemperatureModified silicone paint. Resistant to high temperatures (up to 340 ° C).
GN003THGlobalThin GN003THEpoxy thinner
GN005HTGlobalTemp GN005 High TemperatureHeat resistant Paint for Application on Operation
GN008THGlobalThin GN008THAlcool isopropylique
GN010HTGlobalTemp GN010 High TemperatureSmart Coating Temperature Colour Sensitive for High Temperatures
GN010THGlobalThin GN010THPolyurethane thinner
GN012HTGlobalTemp GN012 High TemperaturePaint for high temperature resistance (up to 640 ° C).
GN015THGlobalThin GN015THVinyl thinner
GN027INGlobal GN027 Silica tipo IIISilica powder type III
GN028INGlobal GN028 Silica tipo ISilica type I
GN030THGlobalThin GN030THKetone Based Thinner
GN046THGlobalThin GN046THShop primer thinner
GN045IPGlobalTemp GN045 Intumescent PaintHeat Intumescent Protective Waterbased Coating
GN055IPGlobalTemp GN055 Intumescent Paint SBHeat Intumescent Protective Solvent based Coating
GN060INGlobal GN060 Silica 0,2-0,4 mmSilica sand: grain 0.2-0.4 mm
GN064IN Global GN064 Silica 0,6-1,2 mmSilica sand: grain 0.6-1.2 mm
GN077THGlobalThin GN077THCellulose thinner
GN100CAGlobalDur GN100 Epoxy AcceleratorCuring accelerator for epoxy.
GN101ECGlobalDur GN101 Electrically Conductive Epoxy Epoxy electrically conductive solvente free converter/ inhibitor, moisture tolerant with excelente edge retention properties.
GN101EKGlobalDur GN101 Epoxy KrimerPrimary. intermediate and finish solvent-free epoxy. To damp (water jetting) or dry areas. No restrictions Dew Point.
GN101EPGlobalDur GN101 Epoxy PrimerAnticorrosive primer. intermediate and finishing solvent free epoxy. Application in damp (water jetting) or dry areas. Cure at temperatures ? - 10 ° C.
GN101HTGlobalDur GN101 High Temperature EpoxyAnticorrosive primer. intermediate and finishing solvent free epoxy for high temperatures. Application in damp (water jetting) or dry areas. Application and cure at temperatures < 180 ° C.
GN101LCEPGlobalDur GN101 LC Epoxy PrimerSolvent free low cost primer. intermediate or finish epoxy. Conversion/Inihbitor/ Tolerant technology. Excellent edge retention.
GN106EPGlobalDur GN106 Epoxy PrimerHigh build epoxy primer and intermediate.Excellent steel protection.
GN107EFGlobalDur GN107 Epoxy FlexibleFlexible epoxy resin without solvents for use in laminations with fiberglass on steel or concrete.
GN107ELGlobalDur GN107 Epoxy LaminateEpoxy Resin for Laminate Solvent Free
GN108ECGlobalDur 108 Epoxy Coal TarMultipurpose epoxy coal tar base
GN109EMGlobalDur GN109 Epoxy MasticSolvent-free epoxy resin. Excellent thixotropy. Useable as reeds sealing of socks. footers and vertical.
GN112EPGlobalDur GN112 Epoxy PrimerEpoxy primer for glass surfaces (ceramic. concrete stroked)
GN113EPGlobalDur GN113 Epoxy Primer MIOHigh build epoxy primer. intermediate or finish. MIO technology.
GN113EZGlobalDur GN113 Zinc PrimerEpoxy polyamide zinc rich primer.
GN114EZGlobalDur GN114 Zinc PrimerEpoxy polyamide high zinc rich primer.
GN114EPGlobalDur GN114 Epoxy PrimerSolvent free epoxy primer. Special designed for green concrete.
GN114FCLTGlobalDur GN114 Fast Curing Epoxy PrimerSolvent free epoxy primer for fast cure at low temperatures and humid surfaces.
GN114IRGlobalDur GN114 Injection ResinInjection epoxy resin solvent free
GN114WZGlobalDur GN114 Waterbased ZincWaterbased Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer.
GN115ESGlobalDur GN115 Epoxy SplashZoneEpoxy anticorrosive high thickness fast-curing solvent-free steel for low temperature. Application on in wet (water jetting) or dry areas.
GN120ECGlobalDur GN120 Epoxy CoveExcellent colorless epoxy resin without solvents, hight viscosity to flooring coving.
GN120ERGlobalDur GN120 Epoxy ResinExcellent colorless epoxy resin without solvents with good viscosity to multi layers and mortar floors.
GN120LCERGlobalDur GN120 LC Epoxy ResinExcellent colorless epoxy resin solvent base with good viscosity for concrete flooring.
GN121EPGlobalDur GN121 Epoxy PrimerExcellent multi-purpose epoxy primer converter and tolerant to moisture. Application in steel and concrete.
GN122EPGlobalDur GN122 Epoxy PrimerEpoxy primer for Anti-osmose for GFR
GN123ERGlobalDur GN123 Epoxy ResinTransparent epoxy primer resistant to yellowing, suitable for epoxy cast.
GN124WPGlobalDur GN124 Wash PrimerFast drying product. Excellent adhesion to alloy and galvanized substrates. Suitability to cutting and welding operations.
GN125EPGlobalDur GN125 Epoxy PaintExcellent multi-purpose epoxy paint converter and tolerant to moisture. Application in steel and concrete.
GN126EGGlobalDur GN126 Epoxy GlassflakeEpoxy Glass Flake Solvent free Moisture Tolerant.
GN130EPSFGlobalDur GN130 Epoxy Paint Solvent freeEpoxy paint solvent free for flooring. Excellent resistance to impact and abrasion.
GN131SPGlobalDur GN131 Shop PrimerPre-primary epoxy designed specifically for use in yard for the final system GN101 Series
GN132EFSLGlobalDur GN132 Epoxy Finish SLPaint and self-leveling solvent free epoxy for flooring. Excellent resistance to impact and abrasion.
GN132EFLTGlobalDur GN132 Epoxy Finish Low Temp.Paint and self-leveling solvent free epoxy for flooring. Excellent resistance to impact and abrasion and drying at low temperatures
GN133ENGlobalDur GN133 Epoxy NovolacPrimary. intermediate and finished solvent based epoxy. Excellent anti-corrosive. chemical properties and temperature resistance.
GN133UEGlobalDur GN133 Underwater EpoxySolvent free epoxy primer for steel and concrete. Submerse application by roller or brush.
GN134UEGlobalDur GN134 Underwater EpoxySolvent free epoxy injection resin. Submerse application. Excellent solution for injection or repair mortars.
GN136ETGlobalDur GN136 Epoxy TerrazzoSelf-leveling epoxy solvent free for terrazzo floors. Excellent resistance to impact and abrasion.
GN136UEGlobalDur GN136 Underwater EpoxySolvent free submerse epoxy filler. Good adhesion to steel and fibre glass.
GN143TWGlobalDur GN143 Tank WaterExcellent solvent-free epoxy paint for potable water. Good chemical resistance.
GN150EWGlobalDur GN150 Epoxy WBExcellent solvent-free epoxy coating. Excellent aesthetic. chemical. and mechanical properties. Application in concrete.
GN151EWGlobalDur GN151 Epoxy Primer WBExcellent solvent-free epoxy coating. Excellent aesthetic. chemical. and mechanical properties. Application in concrete.
GN152EFSLWGlobalDur GN152 Epoxy Finish SL Water basedExcellent solvent-free epoxy coating. Excellent aesthetic. chemical. and mechanical properties. Application in concrete.
GN153EWGlobalDur GN153 Epoxy Finish WBExcellent solvent-free epoxy coating. Excellent aesthetic. chemical. and mechanical properties. Application in concrete.
GN200CAGlobalThane GN200 PU AcceleratorCuring accelerator for polyurethanes
GN202PFAMGlobalThane GN202AM Polyurethane FinishPolyurethane AntiMicrobial Satin Finish.
GN204PFGlobalThane GN204 Polyurethane FinishGlossy polyurethane paint. Excellent color retention. gloss and chemical resistance and UV\'s.
GN205PFGlobalThane GN205 Polyurethane FinishGlossy polyurethane paint. Good color retention. gloss. chemical resistance and UV\'s.
GN206PFAGGlobalThane GN206 PF Anti-GraffitiHigh Solids Polyurethane Finish Anti-Graffiti.
GN206PFLCGlobalThane GN206 Polyurethane Finish LCAcrylic glossy polyurethane. Good gloss and colour retention.
GN206PFGlobalThane GN206 Polyurethane FinishAcrylic glossy polyurethane. High solids top coat. Excellent gloss and colour retention.
GN207PV#GlobalThane GN207PV# Polyurethane VarnishGlossy polyurethane varnish. Good gloss retention. abrasion. chemical and UV resistance\'s.
GN208PV#GlobalThane GN208PV# Polyurethane VarnishPolyurethane varnish, glossy, medium gloss or matt. Good gloss retention, abrasion, chemical and UV resistance's.
GN208PVAMGlobalThane GN208Polyurethane Varnish AntiMicrobiolPolyurethane Varnish AntiMicrobial Satin Finish.
GN220IRGlobalThane GN220 Injection ResinUrethane resin solvent free for injection
GN220USGlobalThane GN220 Urethane SealerUrethane resin for sealing concrete which reacts in the presence of moisture.
GN221IRGlobalThane GN221 Injection ResinPolyurea resin cold solvent free for injection
GN221UCGlobalThane GN221 Urethane CoatingExcellent urethane resin pigmented. Excellent waterproofing properties and formulated to react to the presence of humidity.
GN222UJGlobalThane GN222 Urethane JointExcellent polyurea resin bicomponent cold without solvents together.
GN224PGGlobalThane GN224 Polyurethane GluePolyurethane glue base for vinyl. wood. linoleum. etc.
GN230PPGlobalThane GN230 Polyurethane PrimerHigh Solids Polyurethane Primer.
GN236PUSLGlobalThane GN236 PU Self LevelingSelf-leveling elastic polyurethane. solvent-free floor. Excellent mechanical strength. easy application and noise reduction.
GN250PWGlobalThane GN250 PU WB Gloss FinishExcellent water-based polyurethane top coat. Good color retention. gloss and abrasion.
GN257PW#GlobalThane GN257 Polyurethane WB Varnish#Excellent bi-component aqueous, glossy (G), satin (S) or matt (M) varnish. Good abrasion resistance.
GN310APGlobalKyd GN310 Alkyd Multi Purpose PaintAlkyd multi purpose enamel. High gloss and high resistance to UV
GN330APGlobalKyd GN330 Alkyd Primer FDFast-drying primer with good anticorrosive properties.
GN340APGlobalKyd GN340 Alkyd Finish FDAlkyd fast drying top coat
GN400AVGlobalCryl GN400 Acrylic VarnishInsulating solvent. Excellent penetration power in the concrete.
GN401APGlobalCryl GN401 Acrylic TrafficAcrylic paint for markings. concrete and asphalt
GN410APGlobalCryl GN410 Acrylic PaintAcrylic multi functions
GN450AWGlobalCryl GN450 WB Acrylic PrimerPrimary / Insulator aqueous acrylic with excellent resistance to fungi and algae: Excellent ability to soak and aggregation.
GN451AWGlobalCryl GN451 WB Acrylic PaintAqueous acrylic paint for interior and exterior
GN452AWGlobalCryl GN452 WB Acrylic PaintAqueous acrylic paint for exterior floors. Good weather resistance and anti-slip for walks. bike paths and sports fields.
GN453AWGlobalCryl GN453 WB Acrylic PaintAcrylic paint mate plastic paint for interior and exterior.
GN454AWGlobalCryl GN454 WB Acrylic High Opacity PaintAcrylic WB paint high Opacity mate plastic paint for interior and exterior.
GN455AWGlobalCryl GN455 WB Acrylic MembraneAqueous acrylic membrane for exterior.
GN456AWTXGlobalCryl GN456 WB Textured Acrilic PaintWater based Acrylic Textured Paint
GN458AWGlobalCryl GN458 WB Acrylic EnamelAqueous satin enamel for interior and exterior.
GN459AWGlobalCryl GN459 WB Elastic MembraneAqueous Elastic membrane for exterior.
GN460WPGlobalCryl GN460 WP Elastic MembraneResin for aqueous elastic water proofing membrane for exterior.
GN460WP2PGlobalCryl GN460 WP 2P Elastic MembranePack for aqueous elastic water proofing membrane for exterior.
GN501VPGlobalNyl GN501 Vynil Primer GlossyAnticorrosive vinyl paint single pack for direct application on untreated steel (rust remaining).
GN508VSGlobalNyl GN508 Vinyl SealerExcellent sealer for antifouling systems. Coal tar free technology. Formulated for use on epoxy primers.
GN521AFGlobalNyl GN521 AntifoulingAntifouling prolonged protection from "fouling". Good ability to self polishing. Formulated from and vinyl copolymers and high content of cuprous oxide "Tin free"."
GN525UAGlobalNyl GN525 Underwater AntifoulingAntifouling underwater "Self polish" single pack. Its formulation is specific to the application and drying underwater."
GN550CPGlobalNyl GN550 Chlorinated PrimerMultipurpose primer. formulated starting from chlorinated rubber resin and selected pigments. Good anti-corrosion protection. fast drying. good chemical resistance.
GN560CFGlobalNyl GN560CF Chlorinated FinishChlorinated rubber finish paint. Formulated From chlorinated rubber resins and selected pigments.
GN600EVGlobalEster GN600 Epoxy Vinyl ÉsterVinyl ester resin colorless high chemical resistance and good resistance to temperature. Suitable for lamination with glass fibers in tanks.
GN601EVGlobalEster GN601 Epoxy Vinyl ÉsterVinyl ester coating with high chemical resistance and good resistance to temperature. Suitable for lamination with glass fibers in tanks.
GNPEP1GlobalSafe Skid Loads Type IISpecial nonskid for varnishes and paints without changing the original color of the substrate.
GNTIXO1GlobalTix Thixotropic Agent Type IType 1 thixotropic agent for epóxies. Low-dust and easy incorporation.
GNTIXO2GlobalTix Thixotropic Agent Type IIType 2 thixotropic agent for epóxies. Low-dust and easy incorporation.
GNZS01HBGlobalSyl GNZS01HB Zinc Ethyl SilicateExcellent high built zinc ethyl silicate. Excellent anti corrosive performance.
GNZS02SPGlobalSyl GNZS02SP Zinc EthylSilicateZinc Ethyl Silicate Shop Primer.