These structures are subject to the harshest environmental conditions as well as strong mechanical impacts, so it’s important to protect not only the exterior but also the interior.

Globalnavy develop and manufacture a broad spectrum of container coatings, ensuring fast curing times and increased maintenance cycles.

Thus, as well as new construction container linings, Globalnavy also develop and manufacture a complete range of coatings for maintenance.

Why choose a Globalnavy coating?

Globalnavy offers a wide range of high performance coatings, from tolerant zinc or epoxy primers to polyurethane finishes that allow the design of the best solution for each case. The primers feature excellent corrosion protection coupled with high performance finishes, GlobalThane GN206, which maintains the good aesthetic aspect of the structure over time.

We develop the "GlobalWEC" (Water Epoxy for Containers) water based anticorrosion system specially designed for this kind of application.

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On how to select the right anti-corrosive coating system for your case.