Above the Waterline

A well manage yacht, offers you an attractive, durable, long lasting beautiful shining look above the waterline.


Globalthane Polyester topcoats are designed to provide a longer term protection to your boat against the elements, keeping it looking always like new. By improving gloss and color retention, UV resistance and harder surface, we achieved an enormous benefit to our customers, saving the frequency of repainting your boat.


Globalthane UV Polyester Varnishes are designed to provide wood protection against fungus, UV before deterioration setting in. To keep the wood magnificence and natural, we have selected special resins and additives which ensure its gloss and appearance over time.

Why choose a Globalnavy coating?

Globalnavy develop and manufacture a full range of products, for professionals and practitioners, easy to apply and designed to keep your yacht as new for years.

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On how to select the right anti-corrosive coating system for your case.