Ballast Tank

The ballast is generally seawater in order to provide adequate stability to vessels at sea. Ballast is used to weigh the ship down and lower its center of gravity. Depending on the type of vessel, the tanks can be double bottom (extending across the breadth of the vessel), wing tanks (located on the outboard area from keel to deck) or hopper tanks (occupying the upper corner section between hull and main deck).
The condition of the ballast tanks also determines the service life of the vessel and a correct tank coating system can have a significant impact on the structural integrity of the vessel and its operational profitability.

Why choose a Globalnavy coating?

Globalnavy, by developing the Globaldur GN101 epoxy primer range, design systems that ensure excellent corrosion protection over the operating life of the tank. This protection results from the combination of its unique properties (high anticorrosion performance, dew point free, solvent-free, high edge retention, conversion and inhibition technology), adding that it can be applied to steel with a degree contamination due to the use of surface treatment processes such as blasting/washing, hydro blasting or wet jetting.

On coating a tank, the easy application of our primers enables fast cure in the most different environmental conditions (low and high temperatures, extreme humidity/below dew point) and in the most varied surface treatments (mechanical treatment, blasting/washing, hydro blasting and wet jetting).

The environmental impact is drastically reduced as we manufacture a range of primers, GlobalDur GN101, with green technology (no solvents, use of hydro blasting or wet jetting in surface treatment).

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