Cargo Holds & Cargo Tanks

The cargo tanks carries cargo either packaged in crates, bales, among others, unpackaged known as bulk cargo and are subject to aggressive conditions during service due to abrasion caused by loading and unloading operations and may also result in chemical attack in the case of chemical cargoes.

Why choose a Globalnavy coating?

Globalnavy offers a wide range of high performance tank coatings, GlobalDur GN101, for the chemical and anticorrosive protection of cargo holds and tanks that feature:

⇒ Excellent corrosion resistance: our coatings have been developed to be tolerant, converser, inhibitor and solvent-free in order to maximize corrosion protection, minimizing maintenance costs;

⇒ Excellent abrasion resistance and easy cleaning: these characteristics promote a smooth and long lasting coating allowing a great reduction in washing/operating times;

⇒ Easy to apply: our range of primers enables quick cure and allows application in the most different environmental conditions (low and high temperatures, extreme humidity/below dew point) and in the most varied surface treatments (mechanical treatment, blasting/washing, hydro blasting and wet jetting);

⇒ Reduction of environmental impact: We manufacture a range of primers, GlobalDur GN101, with ecological technology (without solvents, surface treatment by hydro blasting or wet jetting) by drastically reducing environmental impact.

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